How much light do houseplants need a day? (2023)

How much light do indoor plants need a day?

In most cases, plants receiving no outdoor light should be lit from 16 to 18 hours each day. If some additional light is received, 12 to 14 hours each day may be adequate. Lights should be used at the same time that plants receive window light.

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How many hours of artificial light do houseplants need?

Most houseplants do well with 12-16 hours of artificial fluorescent light each day. Too little light will result in elongated, spindly growth and too much light will cause a plant to wilt, color to fade, soil to become excessively dry and foliage to burn. Plants also require a rest period each day.

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How many hours of light do plants need a day?

' plants do require a daily respiration period of at least 6 hours per day (for seedlings) and ideally 8-10 hours for more mature plants. Therefore we do not recommend providing more than 14-16 hours per day of light, even if you are growing long-day-loving varieties and trying to induce flowering/fruit from them.

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Is room light enough for plants?

For most hobbyist growers, indoor lighting will not be enough to keep your plant as healthy as it would be outside. However, with the best equipment, it is possible. The main problem with growing plants indoors is the cost involved. Buying the right lamps and bulbs that replicate the sun can get very costly.

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Is window light enough for plants?

Yes, your indoor plants can photosynthesize even if their light sources passes through a glass windowpane. In fact, your plants aren't particularly discerning about what light source they use, provided the light is sufficient for photosynthesis.

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What is considered low light for indoor plants?

“Low light” means no direct sunlight will reach your plant. It is probably a few feet away from your light source (sunny window) or any space where it can see outside but cannot see the sky.

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How do you know if a plant is getting too much light?

Telltale Signs of Too Much Light

The most apparent sign is leaf burning. This typically causes the yellowing of leaves at the top of the plant but the veins stay green, and the leaves take on a yellow or brown, burnt look.

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Can you leave the plant light on too long?

What Happens When Plants are Over-Exposed to Light? Plants that are exposed to light for too long will produce more energy than they can handle. It could destroy your plant so if you leave them under your grow lights for too long, you'll just end up with dead and wilted plants.

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Can LED light replace sunlight for plants?

Yes, plants will grow under normal LED lights. Grow lights aren't special – they're just strong. Bright light causes plants to grow, whether they're marketed as grow lights or not. They do need to be close to them though – the closer the better (without them burning).

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Do indoor plants need to be by a window?

You can put a plant far away from a window, but it will need to be a low light because the light levels get dimmer as you cross a large room.

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Can indoor plants get too much light?

Symptoms of excess sunlight on indoor plants

Damage appears as pale, bleached or faded areas. These areas eventually become brown and brittle. Symptoms are more severe when strong sun is combined with dry soil conditions. Indoor Plants can be classified according to their light requirements: low, medium, or high.

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Do plants need direct sunlight or just light?

Terminology. All plants require sunlight to grow, but differ in the amount and intensity of light needed to prosper. Plant labels identify the amount of sun a plant requires as full sun, part sun, part shade or full shade as defined: Full sun – Plants need at least 6 hours of direct sun daily.

How much light do houseplants need a day? (2023)
Do plants need direct sunlight or just daylight?

Do plants need direct sunlight or just light? Again, it depends on the variety. Most houseplants thrive with at least four to six hours of bright, indirect sunlight each day. Some sun-loving plants – like succulents and cacti – can handle direct sunlight, while other types require only low levels of light.

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