Jj'house? (2023)

Is JJ's House a reputable company?

JJ's House has a consumer rating of 3.68 stars from 2,795 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with JJ's House most frequently mention customer service, wedding dress and good quality. JJ's House ranks 7th among Wedding Dresses sites.

Where is JJsHouse located in usa?

JJsHouse.com is in Oklahoma City, OK.

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What website is similar to JJsHouse?

jjshouse.com's top 5 competitors in December 2022 are: davidsbridal.com, azazie.com, hebeos.com, lulus.com, and more.

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Is JJsHouse based in China?

As BBB has received many inquiries for JJ's House, consumers should be aware this business is located outside of the United States at 69 Aberdeen Avenue, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB2 8DL.

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How long is delivery from JJsHouse?

Bernie Bergin‎JJsHouse.com

Dear Bernie, Usually it takes about 17-19 days to make a dress(19-21 days to make wedding dress) and another 5-7 days to ship it. When will you need the dress?

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Who is the owner of JJsHouse?

They just need to spend a few minutes to check the clothes of different sizes and styles online, click the mouse and pay. Then, the wedding dresses will be shipped in a few days," says, Jennifer Nicole, CEO of JJsHouse.

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How do I track my JJS order?

On "My Orders" Page, find the order you would like to track and click "TRACK" or "View Details".

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Which luxury brands made in China?

2Louis Vuitton
5Giorgio Armani
5 more rows

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Where is made in China located?

Where is Made-in-China.com 's headquarters? Made-in-China.com is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China .

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Is Azazie based in China?

We are a US based company with our designs coming out of our LA office and our dresses and accessories made in China, Cambodia and Vietnam. Many of the independent tailors we work with are family-owned businesses and come with decades of combined experience in the garment industry.

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Does Zara operate in China?

Zara's also chasing the homewares spend, opening more Zara Home outlets across the country. After opening the first Chinese Zara Home store in Shanghai in 2011, more quickly followed with more openings in major Chinese cities. These are typically located in either fashionable locations or classy department stores.

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