What is the solid but can flow? (2023)

What is the solid but can flow?

Have you ever poured sand out of a bucket or cereal out of a box and noticed it seems to flow' a lot like water? This is because both sand and cereal are granular materials. That means they're made up of solid particles, but they can actually flow like liquids!

Can a solid flow very short answer?

The intermolecular forces are high giving them a definite shape and making it rigid. Thus, solids do not flow.

Which best explain why a solid Cannot flow?

In solids there is a strong force of attraction between the molecules and the space between them is very negligible. The molecules are therefore, not free to move.

Does solid flows easily or does not flow easily?

Liquid can flow easily but solids do not flow.

What state of matter is can flow?

Liquid and gas are the two states of matter which can flow. Hence, they are called fluids.

Where are rocks solid but have the ability to flow?

The asthenosphere is a solid but it can flow, like toothpaste. The lithosphere rests on the asthenosphere.

What is a substance that can flow?

The substance which can flow easily are called Fluids. All the liquids and gases are called fluids. Water and air are the two most common fluids.

What type of matter can flow?

Liquids and gases are called fluids because they can be made to flow, or move.

Can solid liquid or gas flow?

gas vibrate and move freely at high speeds. liquid vibrate, move about, and slide past each other. solid vibrate (jiggle) but generally do not move from place to place.

Can it flow solid liquid or gas?

Liquid and gas states of matter can flow. The particles are further apart for both, which allows them space to move around easily. Was this answer helpful?

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