What was Chester Bennington's last song before he died? (2023)

What was Chester Bennington's last song before he died?

The music video was released on July 20, 2017, the same day that Linkin Park's lead vocalist, Chester Bennington, was found dead by suicide. It is Chester Bennington's first posthumously released single.
Talking to Myself (song)
"Talking to Myself"
Single by Linkin Park
Songwriter(s)Ilsey Juber Brad Delson Mike Shinoda J.R. Rotem
13 more rows

(Video) Chester Bennington's Cryptic Final Song
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What song was after Chester Bennington died?

Alanis Morissette has released a studio version of her song “Rest.” Co-written by Morissette and Michael Farrell, the song was originally performed at a tribute show for Linkin Park's Chester Bennington following his death by suicide in 2017. Thursday marks the song's debut on streaming services.

(Video) Final Video Of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington Hours Before Death Released
Did Chester sing in the end?

"In The End" has become one of Linkin Park's most recognizable and signature songs. Chester Bennington, the band's lead vocalist, initially disliked the song and did not want it to be included on Hybrid Theory.
In the End.
"In the End"
GenreNu metal rap rock alternative rock hard rock
LabelWarner Bros.
16 more rows

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What was Chester Bennington's net worth when he died?

Chester Bennington was an American musician, singer-songwriter and actor who had a net worth of $30 million at the time of his death in 2017. He was best-known as the lead vocalist and songwriter of the rock band Linkin Park.

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What singer killed himself recently?

Chester Bennington
BornChester Charles BenningtonMarch 20, 1976 Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.
DiedJuly 20, 2017 (aged 41) Palos Verdes Estates, California, U.S.
Cause of deathSuicide by hanging
OccupationSinger songwriter actor
11 more rows

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Will Linkin Park come back?

Mike Shinoda — Linkin Park Have 'No Plans' for New Music or Live Shows. Mike Shinoda recently spoke about the future of Linkin Park during a Twitch livestream Friday (April 22). The musician revealed there are no plans for new music or live shows from the band in the near future.

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Is Linkin Park over?

2017–present: Hiatus

Linkin Park has remained on hiatus since Bennington's death.

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Is Linkin Park going to make a new album?

Mike Shinoda says that there are no plans for new music, albums or live shows from LINKIN PARK. The 45-year-old musician, who was recently appointed Community Innovation Advisor of Warner Recorded Music (WRM),addressed LINKIN PARK's future during a Twitch livestream on Friday (April 22).

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Did Linkin Park make a song for Chester?

Chester Bennington

(Video) Chester Bennington 911 Call, Housekeeper Wailed in Agony After Finding Him Hanging | TMZ
When did in the end come out?

(Video) Chester Bennington last interview
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What was Chester Bennington's last show?

Their last show saw the band on the UK leg of their tour of the same name , playing Birmingham's Barclaycard Arena on 6 July 2017.

(Video) Mike Shinoda and Crowd Pay Emotional Tribute to Chester Bennington (In The End)
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Who was Chester Bennington's best friend?

Bennington's dear friend and Linkin Park bandmate, Mike Shinoda, opened up about how his relationship with Bennington changed and deepened after years of writing songs together. "Especially the early, early stuff, Chester and I tended to talk in a very universal kind of way," Shinoda told ABC News.

What was Chester Bennington's last song before he died? (2023)
Is Linkin Park still making music?

Linkin Park went on a hiatus when longtime lead vocalist Bennington committed suicide in July 2017. In April 2022, Shinoda revealed the band was neither working on new music nor planning on touring for the foreseeable future.

Who sang at Chester Bennington's funeral?

52. tribute to his friend by singing "Hallelujah". Matthew Foster and 1,333 others like this.

How old was Chester Bennington when he died?

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