Why does Ganyu eating flowers? (2023)

Who does Ganyu have a crush on?

1 She Is Obsessed With Rex Lapis

Ganyu is one of the most devout followers of Rex Lapis.

What flowers does Ganyu like?

As emissary to the Liyue Qixing, of course, Ganyu requires the similarly rare Qingxin flower. She needs 168 Qingxin flowers to max out her talents. You can find these floral goodies in a few separate places. You can purchase them in sets of 10 at Bubu Pharmacy, where the inventory restocks every three days.

Why does Ganyu not eat meat?

Because ganyu is a qilin, she does not eat meat. if you love ganyu and REALLY want to go as far as only giving her vegetarian food (bc you love her or want a challenge), this is a list of all the vegetarian foods in the game.

What is Ganyu insecure about?

In spite of her generally cheerful nature, Ganyu is actually incredibly insecure about her status as a human-Adeptus hybrid and being accepted into society as a result of it.

Who is Ganyu mostly shipped with?

Ganqing is the femslash ship between Ganyu and Keqing from the Genshin Impact fandom.

Who is dating in Genshin?

For now, the only characters you can engage in dating sim shenanigans with in the Genshin Impact update are Noelle, Barbara, Bennet and and Chongyun. To begin the quest you'd need to be at least Adventure Rank 26, and need at least 2 story keys to begin the Hangout events.

How old is Ganyu physically?

2 Ganyu, Over 3000 Years Old

This leaves many Genshin Impact fans wondering how old Ganyu actually is. Her preceis age is not known, but of the current date, Ganyu is well over 3000 years of age, making her the oldest non-Archon character.

Is Ganyu a goat?

Heads up Genshin Impact and gacha fans, only a few hours remaining for Ganyu to be available in your wishes. Her trailers reveal that she is half-human and half-goat, cocogoat, or whatever term that you think suits her.

What is Ganyu's secret?

Another secret that Ganyu is anxious to keep hidden is the fact that she is watching her physique. The qilin are strict vegetarians, but Liyue is a veritable powerhouse of gastronomical delights, one in which even vegetarians struggle to control their appetites.

Who do people ship Hu Tao with?

ZhongTao is the het ship between Zhongli and Hu Tao from the Genshin Impact fandom.

Why is Ganyu called Coco goat?

It is Coconut Milk, which isn't actually milk, so she incorrectly invented a mythical animal which doesn't exist due to the misunderstanding. Since she is friends with Ganyu, who is half-adeptus and has horns, Ganyu has been memed as being the legendary Cocogoat.

Does Yae call Ganyu big sister?

Trivia. As of now, Ganyu is the only Liyue character that Yae Miko mentions in her voice lines. Yae Miko calls Ganyu "Jiejie" which means "older sister".

Does Ganyu like eating flowers?

Although they're apparently bitter, Ganyu loves eating their petals so much that she fears that if they were to plant Qingxins in Liyue's Yujing Terrace, she wouldn't be able to resist eating them all.

What race is Ganyu?

Character. Ganyu is a playable character, she currently works as the emissary and secretary for the Liyue Qixing due to signing contracts with Rex Lapis. She's also half human and half adeptus. Her element is Cryo.

What is Ganyu and shenhe relationship?

Both Ganyu and Shenhe are disciples of Cloud Retainer. As they have suspiciously similar outfits (which would complement each other when combined), fans initially thought that they must have been trained together.

Who is older Ganyu or Miko?

And among his many contracts, Ganyu is the oldest, having been created some 3000 years ago.

Is Ganyu and Diluc good together?

Well, it turns out Ganyu is one of the most competent Cryo applicators. Her Elemental Burst Cryo field lasts a long time— enough time for Diluc to procure numerous Melt reactions. Moreover, her Elemental Skill decoy allows for some decent grouping.

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